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Advanced Nålebinding Course

Most surviving European nålbinded clothing dates from the Viking and early medieval era, (9th- 12th century) and are concentrated in the Scandinavian countries. However one example does come from Viking York.

The course :

If you have already mastered the Oslo stitch you may want to move ahead...

Learn more and new naalbinding stitches, e.g. York, Dalarna, Asle, Finnish....

Learn how to naalbind with two or more colours, or how to make a braid pattern ...

You will learn new techniques how to make sturdy and serviceable garments using the ancient technique of Nålebinding. Also known in English as “knotless netting,” “knotless knitting”, or “single needle knitting,” this technique is older than knitting and crochet.

Participant information

All equipment will be provided by the course teacher. This includes wool, needles and scissors.

Fee & Booking

£50.60 per person, to include tuition, teas and coffees.  There are plenty of shops nearby or you can bring your own packed lunch.


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